Welcome to the Prior Park College alumni.
We hope to help you reconnect with the College and with old friends.
We hold numerous reunions, sporting and musical events each year which will bring back fond memories and reunite friends.
The Prior Park alumni is a family which we hope you will be an active part of.

The Alumni Relations Office

We are here to answer any questions you have about events, catching up with old friends, what’s going on at the College and any alumni-related queries. 
We would love to hear your news so please do email and let us know what you are up to.
Please contact Emma-Louise Goymer - email alumni.ppc@priorparkschools.com or phone +44 (0) 1225 835353 Ext 244.
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Prior Park College Archive

Prior Park College was founded in 1830 and has an extensive archive which is continually being added to. The archive is full of photos, articles and journals so if you are looking for old copies of the Gossip Bowl or if you would like to see your sports photo or read an article you wrote when you were a student here, then join the archive and you will be able to access the material.

The College has a dedicated archivist, an alumnus, who spends one day a week sifting through all our archive material to confirm that it is on the archive or to add it. We are always looking for new material so if you have any photos or information which is not on the archive, please contact the Alumni Office alumni.ppc@priorparkschools.com who will be able to add it. Please click HERE to visit the archive or to register.


Alumni Publications

The Gossip Bowl 2023

Further editions of The Gossip Bowl can be found on the PPC archive site.

Alumni Merchandise

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