11-18  Co-educational Catholic Senior School in Bath

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Our Values and Vision

Panoramic view of Prior Park College school grounds

Mission Statement for Prior Park Schools

The Prior Park Schools mission, underpinned by shared values, is to steward a thriving family of communities with love for the young people they serve at their heart. These vibrant communities cultivate creativity, foster integrity, and transform lives.

This recognises the specifically Catholic Christian nature of the College, whose motto ‘Deo duce, Deo luce’ (God our guide, God our light) sets the love of God as central to our school.

Our Mission Statement speaks to the differences that a Prior Park education makes to the young people we serve. Every child is searching for a sense of who they are and the sort of adult they want to become. Schools play a role on this journey. Great schools, like Prior Park, help our students to explore who they are and find the adult they wish to be.

Prior Park Schools Values

You can read more about our values here