U6 Exam Results

"Making comparisons with previous years happens every year when it comes to examination results. Such comparisons are always strange exercises. Students differ from year to year, the challenges they face are different, and the exams they sit are different. The 2021 Upper Sixth at Prior Park have faced greater challenges than any year group in memory.

Last year’s 2020 Upper Sixth missed about a month of face-to-face teaching from their Sixth Form, which equates to about six percent of their total taught curriculum. Prior Park’s Upper Sixth this year have spent about a quarter of their Sixth Form out of school. They have had to learn in a completely different way. Various lockdowns have kept them from school and from their physical classrooms. Instead, they’ve been working online, from bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen tables. Their teachers have worked hard to fill each day with lessons and for each of those lessons to be truly meaningful.

The grades this year were assessed by the teachers at the school, and they were well earned by the students. Our students at Prior Park College sat three sets of examinations, assessing them on all they’ve learnt over the past two years. They have worked as hard and achieved as much as any year before them. They have had to cope with greater levels of uncertainty, difficulty, and challenge than any year group in the modern era. There are, of course, some wonderful, individual success stories. However, that this year group sat exams which have properly prepared them for their next steps to university is a sign that they have all succeeded in overcoming the adversity that faced them. We could not be more proud of them."

Ben Horan, Headmaster


Prior Park is delighted with the performance of its U6 students, with a 100% pass rate and over 90% getting their first choice university. 

The school’s international students deserve tremendous credit for having to overcome additional obstacles. Many were unable to return to school as the borders closed and had to cope with learning online, in different time zones and with varying Wi-Fi reliability, as Trinity Momoh experienced at home in Nigeria. This did not prevent her from getting excellent grades and Trinity is going to King’s College London to study Law. Other students got 'stuck' in the UK, unable to fly home to see their family for very long periods. Gabriella Chiu has been away from Hong Kong for over twelve months but was rewarded with an outstanding set of results, A*A*A, and is now going to do a flexible combined honours degree at Exeter, focussing on Philosophy.  

BTEC Business was introduced at the College in 2019. Unlike the A Level students whose results were entirely based on teacher assessed work, BTEC students sat external exams in January as the country went into lockdown. Their performances in these exams and other assessed work therefore give a true account of the grade they would have achieved under more normal circumstances. BTEC are assessed in a different way to A Levels but carry the same tariff points, making them a more vocational route to university. All BTEC Business students received impressive grades, however a special mention must go to Niall Hudson who achieved Distinction*Distinction*, which equates to 2 A*s at A Level. Niall is going on to Queen Mary’s London to study Business. 

Congratulations also to Charlie Parker on her selection for a British Telecom degree apprenticeship. Charlie gained one of only 7 places on offer for a global division apprenticeship, based at BT's new offices in Bristol. As part of Charlie's apprenticeship, she will study for a degree in Business at Middlesex University, paid for by BT. 

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