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Co-Curricular Celebration Assembly

This morning we celebrated an array of students and their achievements in Sport, CCF, Socrates Debating, Art, Charities and our new International Diploma throughout both this term and the academic year as a whole. 

The assembly started with the announcement of Colours for both Tennis and Cricket, as well as some additional prizes for outstanding achievements. Full details of prizes given will be below.

Over twenty students became the first group to be awarded certificates for our International Diploma. The International Diploma is a new programme in which both British and International students take part, completing various tasks aiming to help form relationships with students of different nationalities, eventually gain Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Feedback from the new initiative has been brilliant and Ms Carson read out some responses in assembly this morning. One of the British students had written, "When I first had a look at the tasks I was slightly nervous about approaching new people. After this I have definitely become a lot more comfortable mixing with other people and starting up a conversation. Some things I learnt from the diploma are: don't be scared to try new things, whether this is trying a new food, talking to new people or doing new things and experiences. I think this diploma has helped me to make new friends and break down the barrier between boarders and day students". An International student wrote, "The diploma really encouraged me to step way outside of what I am used to. It really inspired me to talk to more people more often and I noticed it is not so bad as it seems. Sure it seems scary at first, but it is a really amazing experience and has opened a whole new world to me". 

Members of the Socrates Club who had hosted discussions and attended all year were awarded the Socrates Prize. Some new L3 Art Ambassadors were presented to inspire future artists next year. In CFF there were awards for SUP given by the CCF Navy department and Marksmanship awards given by CCF Army. English House was awarded the Charities Shield for having raised the most money for our school charity this year and the trophy for the annual charity five-aside tournament was also given out. 

Congratulations to all those awarded prizes.

Half Colours: Zack Hayward-Rogers, Finn Marshall, Ben Menko, Henry Allen, Ethan Teale, Ralph Banks.
Full Colours: Rob Dymond, Ben Waters, Finn Grant

Girls Half Colours: Katie Marden.
Girls Full Colours: Libby Blane, Amelia Owen, Olivia Owen, Thea Sprawson, Hazel Vernon, Hannah smith
Boys Half Colours: Oscar Talbot, Freddie Talbot
Boys Full Colours: George Shields, Tom Reynolds, Sebastian Morely

Best Markmanship Group: Oscar Stricklin
BC Paddlesport (SUP) Discover Award Winners: Marina Franco-Overington, Alex Mallon, Ian Chan, Nigel Tam, Chad Kong, Hazel Chu

Charity Sheild: English House
5 Aside: Los Marcos Team

Charlotte Bowler, Annabel Ney, Annabelle Goymer, Ellie Wylie

International Diploma
Bronze: Freya Bradford, Chloe Ashbee, Daniel Liu, Hazel Chu, Santi Torras, Sophia Wyatt, Finley Bailey, Ava Marston, Lucinda Liu, Sharice Ieong, Ian Chan, Annabelle Goymer, Ethan Cheung, Michael Wilding
Silver: Isabel Lam, Wilson Tse, Aisha Kareem
Gold: Daniel Li, Simon Fu, Sofiyyah Karimu, Maya Marte Trillhass, Hannah Wyatt

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