Anita Corbin Photography Talk

On the evening of 30 September, celebrated photographer Anita Corbin spoke at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol. All Lower 6 and Upper 6 Visual Arts students were invited to join us in school to watch the talk via Zoom, and to engage in a short discussion about her work afterwards.

Anita Corbin spoke about two of her projects, both focussed on the representation of women in society. The first was a look back to her series “Invisible Girls”:

“In 1980 I felt an irresistible drive to ensure that a generation of women were represented within a photographic genre almost entirely dominated by men. All around me the grass roots energy of subcultural tribes were being expressed…I wanted our ‘Herstory’ to be as colourful and visible as these Visible Girls. Thirty six years later social media has helped me to find these original Visible Girls and revisit them in my contemporary new series ‘Visible Girls: Revisited’” – Anita Corbin

The second project she discussed was a more recent series; “100 First Women Portraits”:

“Launched in 2018 to celebrate 100 years of women’s right to vote, this work presents portraits of 100 inspiring, iconic and insightful UK women who are first in their field, ordinary women doing the extraordinary.”

The talk was enjoyed by our Visual Arts A Level students and provided an excellent opportunity to hear an experienced photographer discuss work that is both relevant and powerful in it’s content.

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