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Every child is searching for a sense of who they are and the sort of adult they want to become. Schools play a role on this journey. Great schools, like Prior Park, help our students to explore who they are and find the adult they wish to be.

Prior Park students have a whole host of opportunities. They are educated in a beautiful environment, in a school which is not afraid to talk about the love we have for them. Prior Park students feel safe and happy, and it is precisely because of this that they are so successful. We are a community that exists to serve. We serve our young people by giving them a high-quality education both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers here are subject specialists, but they are also committed to helping our young people grow in other arenas. We offer a wide range of activities to give our young people a chance to find out what excites them, and their teachers delight in engaging with them outside of the classroom, building solid, supportive, relationships. 

Prior Park looks to challenge each of its students. We ask them to think about the difference they can make to their world, and to look to serve others. We are a school where creativity is valued. Our students can, and do, find a creative spark across the wide range of subjects we offer. We challenge our students to be the best, and truest, versions of themselves, and we provide this challenge in a caring and supportive way. We know that we are a school which transforms the life of every student who comes here. They emerge from a Prior Park education knowing who they want to be and how they can make a difference to our world. They emerge with a character that is well rounded, and an academic profile that allows them to make their next step in life with confidence – whatever that step might be. 

At Prior Park every child is known, valued, and cared for. Prior Park is a diverse community where each child finds their way towards a fulfilled and successful life. I know it to be an open, friendly, and caring place where your family will feel at ease and your children will thrive. Do come and visit us. Come and meet the young people at Prior. Ask them what they think of our school. They will show you, more clearly than any website, league table, or Headmaster’s introduction, that this is a place they are proud to be a part of. It is a place which lives our Mission, and our Values of Curiosity, Generosity, and Courage, every single day. It is, put simply, an extraordinary school.

Ben Horan 

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'This is a school which inspires esteem and affection in equal measure'

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