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Welcome to Prior Park

Headmaster Ben Horan smiling in front of the Mansion

The journey towards adulthood is a search for identity. Every child is searching for a sense of who they are and the sort of adult they want to become. Schools play a role on this journey.

Great schools, like Prior Park, help our students to explore who they are and find the adult they wish to be. We do this by providing opportunities. Here, children learn from exceptional teachers in a community where learning is prized and curiosity welcomed. Our young people make friends with others in a school where kindness is central. Our students enjoy a range of cultural and sporting experiences in a community that celebrates success in many arenas. We provide an outstanding, rounded education for each of our students and encourage them to embrace all the opportunities on offer.

These opportunities allow our students to become happy and successful adults. This success takes many forms. Most of our students go on to top universities to achieve excellent degrees, building on their love for learning that began here at Prior Park. Some channel a different sort of passion into a career. This might take the form of excitement for entrepreneurship leading to a career in business. It could be a love of creativity that leads them to a career in the arts. It may be a desire for service that leads to them following their chosen vocation. They could possess a level of sporting talent that they can follow to the top. All of these passions are nurtured at Prior Park and given room to flourish. We are a school that cares and where children can find out what matters to them. Our renowned pastoral system, rooted in our Christian ethos, provides space and support for each of our students to be who they want to be. Giving children this ‘room to be me’, leads to them leaving us as well rounded young adults.

At Prior Park every child is known, valued and cared for. It is a school where the Christian virtues of family and community sit at the core of what we do. Prior Park is a diverse community where each individual child finds their way towards a fulfilled and successful life. I know it to be an open, friendly and caring place where your family will feel at ease and your children will thrive.

Do come and visit us. Come and meet the young people at Prior. Ask them what they think of our school. They will show you, more clearly than any website, review or league table, that this is a place they are proud to be a part of. We are a school where your family will find a warm welcome and where your children will grow into capable, confident and compassionate adults.

Ben Horan 

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