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School Chaplaincy

Lay Chaplain: Theresa Tunbridge

Our Lay Chaplain has a special responsibility for nurturing and sustaining the religious character of the College and for maintaining a clear focus on its life as a Christian community.

These responsibilities include the sacramental and prayer life of the College, liaising closely with the Personal Development Programme Co-ordinator, maintaining close contact with all the Housemasters and Housemistresses and House communities in order that boys, girls and staff may feel that they have direct and easy access to the Lay Chaplain. They work closely with the Headmaster in promoting the welfare of the College as a community whose religious roots and life are of such central importance. Prior Park takes seriously the practical implications of ecumenism e.g. preparation for Catholic or Anglican Confirmation is offered.

The Lay Chaplain facilitates regular optional retreats, where Christian prayer and reflection are nurtured. Sunday Mass is celebrated by staff and boarders, and we welcome day families who wish to join us. There is a whole school Mass for all solemnities. Families can enjoy their child's first Holy Communion and/or Confirmation in the Chapel. A special Leavers’ Mass is held on Speech Day.

Our role is to educate the whole child, who is open to the richness of different cultures. Theology is a core subject to GCSE and all Sixth Formers follow a general Religious Education programme and pupils are regularly involved in fundraising projects in aid of local and global charities. Our extensive Personal Development Programme is designed to explore important moral, social and spiritual issues.