House System

The House system enables us to create cohesive communities. Each House is a physical location where pupils meet their tutors and Housemaster or Housemistress.  It provides easy and appropriate channels of communication for pupils and is the base from which they operate each day. House tutors have weekly pastoral time with their tutees.

Junior Houses

Students in Years 7 and 8 (Lower 3 and Form 3) have their own co-educational Houses, Baines and Brownlow. Their aim is to support new students in their transition from junior to senior school. 
Baines Housemaster: Mr Jonathan Healy
Brownlow Housemistress: Mrs Chris Saunders-Prouse

Senior Houses

There are eight senior (13-18 year olds) Houses at Prior, all are single sex. Each House has an individual identity and are families. Strong bonds of friendship are formed and pupils look out for one another. Kindness, self-respect, mutual support and respect for others are instantly evident, along with friendly rivalry and competition.

Boys' Houses

Allen & Roche Houses - For boarding and day students, the Houses are situated in St Paul’s, with excellent common room areas, a kitchen, IT facilities, attractive dorms and study bedrooms. 
Allen Housemaster: Mr Anthony Lovat
Roche Housemaster: Mr David Holmes

Burton & Clifford Houses - Day houses located in St Peter’s. Each House has its own common room, recreational and study areas.
Burton Housemaster: Mr Paul Hull
Clifford Housemaster: Mr James Conlon

Girls' Houses

Arundell House - For day and boarding students, the House is located in a beautiful, two-storey, period house with large grounds.
Housemistress: Mrs Kate Trott

English & Fielding Houses  - For day and boarding students, the Houses are situated in an imaginatively designed single storey building overlooking a beautiful orchard. They share common central recreational facilities while study and Common Room areas are separate.
English Housemistress: Mrs Sukey Holder
Fielding Housemistress: Mrs Anne Mallon

St Mary’s House - A very attractive boarding House situated in The Priory with a beautiful walled garden, cosy common rooms and quiet areas, along with kitchens, IT facilities and study places.
Housemistress: Mrs Lisa Seward