Baines House

Baines House, with its Housemistress and team of seven tutors, looks after our 11–12 year old day pupils (Years 7). St Andrew’s building is located in the heart of the school surrounded by a garden and offers a common room, ICT facilities, office space, changing and locker rooms as well as an attractive outdoor play area.

The House is situated close to the centre of the teaching block to reduce travelling times for our youngest pupils.


Mrs Saunders-Prouse has been Baines Housemistress since September 2012. Her vision for Baines House is one where all the pupils feel at home and are able to grow spiritually, emotionally and academically within a safe and inclusive environment.

She says she is aware that the move from junior to senior school can be daunting for both children and parents, and so she hopes to ease the transition by making sure that the channels of communication between home and school are open and effective.

She also encourages Baines pupils to take ownership and responsibility for themselves, so that they learn greater independence and develop a deeper emotional intelligence.

Baines Housemistress
Mrs Charis Saunders-Prouse