The House System

All pupils are members of a House and the House System generates a wonderful sense of community as well as providing easy and appropriate channels of communication for pupils.

The House is a physical location where pupils meet their tutors and Housemaster or Housemistress and it is the base from which they operate each day.

The House is a vital unit in fostering the development of the whole person and communicating positive values. Mutual respect for all members of the school is an essential principle in the pastoral system, creating communities in which every member can flourish and feel safe and at ease.

The two junior Houses, Baines and Brownlow, are both co-educational. The eight senior Houses are single sex. The boarding Houses also have some day pupil members. 

There is a strong sense of family in the Houses. Each House is a cohesive community in which all members of all ages know each other well. The much anticipated annual House Music and Debating competitions help to forge close bonds and encourage friendly rivalry.

Junior Houses (Years 7 & 8):

Baines House - Year 7
Brownlow House - Year 8

Boarding Houses (Years 9-13):

Boys - Allen, Roche (St Paul’s)
Girls – St Mary’s

Senior Day Houses (Years 9-13):

Boys – Burton, Clifford
Girls – Arundell, English, Fielding