Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education is a vital aspect of very student’s education. At Prior Park College all students from Lower 3 to Lower 5 receive a 55 minute taught period per fortnight and benefit from weekly pastoral sessions lead by their tutors whilst upper five students benefit from a range of visiting speakers who seek to address key topics. All students also benefit from specific year group assemblies once a week which often address PSHCE related topics. The sixth form have their own specialist PSHCE programme which is delivered through a 55 minute taught session per fortnight, general studies lectures and specialist visiting speakers.

Our schemes of work have been carefully developed to provide opportunities for our students to explore three core themes: health and well-being, relationships and living in the wider world (including economic wellbeing and aspects of careers education). We have produced a spiral curriculum which seeks to present age-appropriate materials at the right time for our learners, revisiting key topics as our pupils mature and move upwards through the school. Our programme is delivered by a range of teachers from differing disciplines and backgrounds all of whom are passionate about the subject and believe that the programme is vital in helping us to empower our students to be broad minded, healthy and happy citizens.

We ultimately seek to provide a broad, challenging, open and honest programme that is student centred whilst promoting the following key virtues: 
* Faith
* Hope
* Charity
* Prudence
* Justice
* Fortitude
* Temperance

What we teach:

The Sixth Form Programme:

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) at Prior Park College.

Relationship and Sex Education is vitally important for young people. It is proven that sound, age appropriate RSE discourages promiscuity and enables young people to make positive, healthy decisions with regards to this area of their lives. Our RSE provision is integrated throughout our PSHCE programme and weekly tutor lead pastoral sessions and has been developed with close reference to guidance produced by the Diocese of Clifton and government guidelines. 

For further information or to discuss Relationship and Sex Education at Prior Park College please contact the PSHCE Coordinator, Mrs Kerry Harris, or the Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Simon Cane-Hardy.