Pastoral Life

Social skills are the foundation for success in the wider world, in whatever chosen field of endeavour. Understanding others, learning to express oneself and yet to be tolerant and developing friendships with a wide range of people are vital. We seek to nurture a culture of responsibility and a sense of service. We want our leavers to show leadership. These things form the foundation for a balanced adult life.

Recent inspections have highlighted the great care that we take of all our pupils and have stressed how well we support their development. We provide a range of information and support for pupils and we address relevant current issues that may be a cause of anxiety.

Prior Park College strives to create a cohesive community and to support each member of it. The programme of pastoral care is central to this process and it aims to:
a) Promote the welfare and happiness of all pupils
b) Provide a variety of opportunities for helpful contact with staff, seeking to educate, inform and support pupils
c) Provide clear lines of communication, recognising the right of every pupil to raise any anxieties or grievances
d) Protect children from abuse and from bullying.

The pastoral programme enables pupils to make informed decisions and to assume responsibility. Pastoral issues are addressed through school assemblies, House assemblies, pastoral periods and the Personal Development Programme.

Peer Mentors
As part of our pastoral support for students we have 40 members of the Upper Sixth trained as Peer Mentors. These students completed a seven week training course, including sessions on listening skills, body language, safeguarding and work with the Samaritans and Focus Counselling.

Our students can receive support from Peer Mentors through their House, Tutor Groups, one to one sessions and a weekly support meeting.

Prior Park College working in partnership with Focus Counselling

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