Music Theatre Roadshow at Calder House

Calder House loved watching our senior musical SISTER ACT last term and invited us to come and do a short performance of show songs, using some of our highly successful exam candidates from the recent LCM exams.

A team of six students from L3 to L6 drove over on a lovely summer afternoon.

The programme was:
Euan Hipperson Sit down, youre rocking the boat!
Ruby Roberts As long as he needs me
Caragh Fletcher In my own little corner
Emma Hallam Stupid with love
Honey Hamilton Once you lose your heart
Seb Morley The Phone call

We also worked with the Calder House children on a group performance of Lean On Me (Bill Withers), which was then performed to staff and students to round off the afternoon.

During the session, all the soloists answered a wide range of excellent questions from the Calder House pupils, including several about performing/nerves/learning lyrics/favourite styles of music and many more.

The soloists all performed with great confidence and engaged with their audience brilliantly! Mr Robertson was proud to be with them.

The Calder House Director of Music, Mrs Buckley, introduced us in the performance led the afternoon’s activities supported by Mr Robertson, Director of Music at the College, who also played piano for the day.

At the end the Calder House students presented us with a huge thank you card signed by dozens of their students. We look forward to more songs from the shows and musical contacts with Calder House.