Music Scholars' Concert

From piano to flute, from violin to French horn, and from soprano to tenor, the audience at this year's Scholars' Concert was treated to an eclectic array of instruments and voices, all played and sung with the finesse that comes from hours and hours of practise. The College congratulates the scholars on their wonderful performances:

Henry Sampson, Piano, Beethoven
Rosalie Luff, Horn, Mozart
Beatrice Hudson, Flute, Popp
George Williams, Treble, Dowland
Vladimir Galkin, Flute, Enesco
Kit Biggs, Trumpet, Haydn
Finlay Dove, Trumpet, Hohne
Rhiannon Harris, Horn, Vinter
Jonathan Mallet, Piano, Brahms
George Rebello, Tenor, Williama
Oli Jones, Piano, Oli Jones
Theo Elwell, Violin, Bach
Georgia Entwisle, Mozart