HSK Qualification

In March 2019, twelve F4 and three F3 students worked towards and eventually sat The HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, which is an internationally recognised professional qualification in Mandarin written and administrated by the Chinese Government. 

There are six levels of proficiency with Level 3 being of GCSE equivalent and 6 being that of an A* at A Level. 

It is an incredibly challenging qualification and students must demonstrate the maturity to work independently push themselves as much as possible. All entrants passed Level 1 and a handful of very talented linguists passed Level 2. Thanks to their hard work and determination they now have something that will count towards fully funded university study in China and, also, an attribute that will make them truly stand out in their future professional lives. 

We are very grateful to Mr George for instigating this at Prior Park College.

Hsk Photo