The Drama Department's production of Hamlet was a resounding hit with outstanding performances by all the cast.

Head of Drama Dave Langley had wanted to direct this particular text, the 1606 Quarto, believed to be a touring script, for many years. This version moves at a pace and focuses on action and reaction. There are other noticeable differences to the more familiar first folio edition, in particular the omission of some famous lines and the lack of a character called Polonius. In this text Polonius is known as Corambis.

Sam Graham shone as Hamlet and was ably supported by a hugely talented cast: 
Ghost/Player King  -  Will Maxwell
King  -   Gabriel Deasy
Queen  -   Hannah Rokkas
Corambis  -   Maia Cambell-Lewis
Ophelia   -  Jess Waters
Horatio  -   Joey Gompells
Rossencraft   -  Lauren Cheshire
Gilderstone  -  Cameron Wight
Voltemar  -  Anna Jones
Cornelia  -  Bethany Spurr
Sentinel  -  Barnaby Row
Barbardo  -  Max Parry
Marcellus  -  George Williams
Player Queen  -  Holly Stringer
Priest  -  James Willson
Fortenbrasse  -  Dylan Bates
Gravedigger 1  -  Larry Cotton
Gravedigger 2  -  Laura Simons

Performances conveyed every emotion reflecting the mood of each scene, from rage to humour and love to madness.

Credit must also go to the technical team who delivered stripped back staging and effects with superb lighting and music, adding to the drama. The sword fight between Hamlet and Leartes was well choreographed by Chris Hay and dynamically performed by Sam and George. The end film showing Hamlet with his father and mother was a clever and poignant way to close a fine production. Congratulations to the cast and crew.