11-18  Co-educational Catholic Senior School in Bath

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Creative Arts

a student drama production in the theatre

There are many opportunities throughout the year for students to be involved in musical activities and dramatic productions.

Orchestras, bands, choirs, chamber music, jazz, African drums, ensembles - the music department covers every musical genre. It also puts on ambitious musical productions every year, most recently Grease,  Little Shop of Horrors and Return to the Forbidden Planet.

The drama department has an enviable reputation for putting on productions of a high quality and maturity. In the last few years, productions have included Twelfth Night, The House of Bernada Alba, Daisy Pulls It Off, Blue Stockings, Trojan Women and Macbeth. There are also opportunities for students to be involved behind the scenes, as technicians or backstage crew.

Visual Arts and DT
As well as undertaking exciting projects in their timetabled lessons, students also get a chance to further their DT and art skills by signing up to one of the many activities offered through the co-curricular programme. These include metalwork, electronics, carpentry, 3D printing, dress making, fabric printing, life-drawing, photography.