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Mon, Dec 27
Tue, Dec 28
Wed, Dec 29
Thu, Dec 30
Fri, Dec 31
Sat, Jan 1
Sun, Jan 2
Mon, Jan 3
Tue, Jan 4
Boarders Return
Wed, Jan 5
Thu, Jan 6
Fri, Jan 7
Sat, Jan 8
Boys Hockey vs Westonbirt and Dauntsey's
@ Prior Park
9:00am U14A vs U13A
10:00am U13B, U12A vs Westonbirt
11:15am U14B vs Westonbirt
12:30pm U15B vs Westonbirt
1:45pm U16A, U15A vs Dauntsey's

@ Dauntsey's
2:30pm 1stXI, 2ndXI
Netball Internal Training Weekend
10 - 11 - L3, F3 - Tennis Courts

11:15am - 12:15am - Tennis Courts

12:30- 13:30 - Sports Hall
Sun, Jan 9
Sung Mass with Senior Chapel Choir
Tue, Jan 11
Form 4 Parents Evening
Wed, Jan 12
Thu, Jan 13
Prep Time performance Upper 6th drama students. free entry.
Julian Slade Theatre
Pre-exam performance of monologues
Fri, Jan 14
Julian Slade Theatre
practical examination
Form 4 Academic Info Eve
Sat, Jan 15
Boys Hockey vs King's Bruton
@ Prior Park
2:00pm 1stXI, 2ndXI
3:15pm U16A

@ King's Bruton
2:00pm U15A, U15B
3:15pm U14A, U14B
Netball Vs Downside
1sts, 3rds 2pm Home
2nds, 4ths 3pm Home

U15A, U14A 1pm Away
U15B, U14B 2pm Away
Sun, Jan 16
Wed, Jan 19
U12/13 Boys Hockey vs All Hallows
@ Prior Park
2:45pm U13A, U13B

@ All Hallows
2:45pm U12A, U12B
Netball vs Monkton
U13A, U13B, U12A 2:30pm Away

U13C, U12B 2:30pm Home
Senior House Debating
Allen vs English
Thu, Jan 20
Julian Slade Theatre
2nd/3rd Boys Hockey vs Kingswood
@ University
3:00pm 3rdXI

@ Kingswood Upper
3:00pm 2ndXI
Fri, Jan 21
Sat, Jan 22
Boys Hockey vs Kingswood
@ Prior Park
12:30pm U12A
1:45pm U15A
3:00pm U15B

@ Kingswood Lower
12:30pm U13A
1:45pm 1stXI
3:00pm U16A

@ Kingswood Upper
1:45pm U14A
3:00pm U14B
CCF WE5 - Short Range & Long Range Shooting
Traveling to 1 Rifles on the Saturday to the 6 lane 25m Range
On Sunday to Warminster 10 lane 600m Range
Netball vs Monkton
1sts, U14A 2pm Home
2nds, U15A 3pm Home

3rds, 4ths 2pm Away
U14B, U15B 3pm Away
Sun, Jan 23
Tue, Jan 25
Wed, Jan 26
Netball vs Daunstey's
U13A, U13B, U13C 3:15pm Away
U12A, U12B 3:15pm Home
Boys Hockey fixture
@ Prior Park
3:00pm U13A, U13B
3:50pm U13C

@ Monkton Prep
3:00pm U12A, U12B, U12C
Senior House Debating
Arundel vs Burton
Thu, Jan 27
Boys Hockey Avon U14 County tournament
U14A Avon County Tier 2 tournament
Clifton College
7:15am meet
9:00am start
2:30pm return
Netball vs Daunstey's
U18A, U18B, U18C @ Home 3:15pm
Fri, Jan 28
Sat, Jan 29
Boys Hockey vs Colstons
@ Prior Park
11:00am U13A, U13B
1:00pm 1stXI, U15A
2:15pm U16A, U15B

@ Colstons
11:00am U12A, U12B
1:00pm U14A
2:15pm U14B
Mandarin London Day Trip
F4, L5, U5, L6 Mandarin students to the British Museum and Chinatown for the day
Sun, Jan 30
Mass (Senior Chapel Choir)
Mon, Jan 31
Tue, Feb 1
U16A Boys Hockey vs Beechen Cliff
@ Prior Park
3:00pm U16A vs Beechen Cliff
Wed, Feb 2
U12/13 Boys Hockey Vs Beechen Cliff
@ Prior Park
2:30pm U12A, U12B vs Beechen Cliff
3:20pm U13A, U13B vs Beechen Cliff
Netball vs Warminster
U13A, U13B 3:15pm Away
U12A, U12B 3:15pm Away

Senior House Debating
Clifford vs Roche
Thu, Feb 3
Boys Hockey fixture
@ Prior Park
3:00pm 1stXI vs Beechen Cliff
Sat, Feb 5
Boys Hockey Internal fixtures and U13 vs touring team
@ Prior Park
10:00am U13B vs U12B
11:00am U13A vs Merchant Taylors (touring team)
12:30pm U15B vs U14B
1:30pm U15A vs U14A
2:30pm 2ndXI vs U16A
Netball vs Royal High School
U15A, U15B 10am Home
1sts, 2nds, 3rs 11am Home

U14A, U14B 10am Away
Sun, Feb 6