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International Boarders

Hallo, Hola, Salut, Konnichi wa, Ciao, Ni hao, Annyeonghaseyo, Ahoj,
Sah-wahd-dee, Merhaba, Hujambo, Ola, Privyet, Dobryj den, Kóyo...

Our international students make up approximately 18% of our roll, with pupils coming from twenty-five countries. They are a very welcome addition to Prior Park. 

On joining Prior Park, all new boarding students and their parents and guardians are invited and encouraged to attend a welcome day, which takes place just before the official start of the school term. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet teachers and other key staff, discuss any concerns you may have and address issues such as medical requirements and uniform.

A student induction programme acquaints new pupils with the layout of the school, key personnel and procedures, and a ’buddy’ is allocated to support them, particularly in the first few weeks. We hold an International Tea Party at the start of term to welcome all the new international students. This gives them an opportunity to meet each other informally and to meet our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teachers and other key staff.

Our EAL teachers play an active role in the pastoral care of our international students and closely monitor their social and academic progress and routinely liaise with other subject teachers. They also organise social events, speaking competitions and cultural trips for our international students. At Prior, we encourage our international students to contribute to events throughout the year, where they can share and celebrate each diverse and fascinating culture.

Quiet weekends and half-term holidays

There are no exeat weekends at Prior, but we do have two ‘non-fixture weekends’ during the academic year, one in the Michaelmas term and one in the Lent term. Saturday Active continues but sports fixtures are rested on these weekends and instead, boarders can catch up on studies, relax or take part in a boarding house activity.

During half-term holidays, our boarders have the option of remaining in school. This option works particularly well for our long-haul boarders and those in U5 and U6 who would like stay to study for any upcoming exams. House Parents will look after all students who wish to remain, and will arrange a series of fun activities during the week.

As part of their Prior Park International Diploma, two of our short stay students created the following article:

"As an international student, far from home, boarding at Prior has been the best thing. Everyone is so supportive and friendly. The House staff and other boarders feel like family. Prior is, for sure, a home to me."