Boys Boarding

Boarders at SpaceHop, an indoor trampoline park

Our boarding boys are located in St Paul's, which provides a home to approximately 90 boarders aged 11-18 years.

There are two Houses within St Paul's, Allen and Roche. Both Houses are a mix of boarding and day students who join the boarders within the House during the school day. This ensures day and boarding students are fully integrated throughout school hours. 

Each House has an individual identity and are mini-communities. Strong bonds of friendship are formed and pupils look out for one another. Kindness, self-respect and respect for others are instantly evident as is pride in their House. Friendly rivalry is often evident during House competitions such as House Music, Debating and Sports Day.

Each House has a dedicated live-in Housemaster, a deputy, a matron and a team of tutors, to ensure the pastoral care and organisation essential to the community and to every individual. Allen and Roche have attractive common rooms and prep rooms with a large kitchen available to boarders in the evenings. Main meals are taken in the dining hall of the Mansion. Our catering department provide nutritious and delicious meals, suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements.

Junior boarders sleep in cosy dormitories within their own area of St Paul's and have their own House Parents, Mr and Mrs Jenkins. Their dorm style bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms. Most Sixth Form boarders enjoy single study bedrooms with wash basins. Bathrooms are communal.

The stimulating learning culture at Prior Park during the day is further enriched in the evenings and weekends with supervised Prep sessions in House. Staff are on hand to answer questions or make suggestions for further avenues of enquiry, and peers and older students are also potential sources of wisdom.

Living on site means that boarders benefit from ‘after-hours’ access to the College facilities including Library, Sports Centre and Fitness Suite.

Despite the distance separating borders from their families, links with parents are seen as an indispensable part of the support and development of borders and we welcome communication from parents. Our dedicated staff work hard to create a home-from-home environment.

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"Boarding life is never mundane; it is vibrant, varied and challenging.
It naturally instils independence, companionship and loyalty. Being immersed within this caring boarding community is both motivating and inspiring."

Mr Anthony Lovat - Allen Housemaster
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Mr David Holmes - Roche Housemaster
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Boarders spending time together in St Paul's common room
Students practising football up at Monument fields
Allen House boys celebrating in the dining hall at the Allen House dinner