Boarding is at the heart of Prior Park College. Up to 180 full, weekly and flexi boarders live in the family atmosphere provided by the boarding Houses - St Paul's and St Mary's. Each House has its own identity, fostered by sporting and cultural competitions with other Houses.

The boarding Houses are small communities of 11 to 18 year old's. St Paul's is home to approximately 110 boys who are divided between Roche and Allen Houses, while St Mary's is home to approximately 70 girls. We welcome international students from a broad range of countries. Our dedicated staff work hard to create a home-from-home environment, with plenty of interesting activities, opportunities for fun and time to share with friends.

Our most recent inspection of boarding gave Prior Park the highest praise across all 52 standards.

Weekly Activities
Our boarders have the opportunity to get involved in evening activities throughout the week. These activities are all on-site and provide boarders with extra musical, creative, sport and health opportunities.

Full boarders can sign up for an activity or trip every Sunday afternoon. These are run by members of Prior Park's academic staff and give boarders a range of cultural and active experiences along with opportunities for retail therapy!

Our full boarders have enjoyed day trips to the seaside, theme park outings, ice skating, cinema, a day trip to Cardiff for shopping and a tour of the Millennium stadium, a tour of the city of Bath and Prior Park Gardens and an afternoon of zorbing and human pin-ball!

You can see photos of the boarding activities at Prior Park via the Boarding Instagram page:

Weekly and flexi boarding are very attractive options for an increasing number of families. This arrangement dispenses with the daily grind of commuting, while allowing family time at the weekends. It also helps generate many of the life lessons that full boarding does – fostering independence, tolerance and flexibility. Please contact our Admissions department for further details.

If you have any further questions please email the Registrar on