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A poster with details on Prior Park College's uniform policy for the lower school, year 7 to year 11
A poster detailing uniform policy for Sixth Form students

Our uniforms contribute to a sense of community.Lower 3 - Upper 5 (Years 7-11) students wear a uniform that is designed to be smart - it also removes the need and pressure for students to make daily fashion decisions.  

Students in Sixth Form (Years 12-13) wear their own smart, office-style suits.

School sportswear is required for all years.

New school uniforms can be obtained from our supplier, John Moore Sports: 
2 Argyle Street, Bath BA1 4BA.
Their Uniform Lists gives further details.
Email sales@johnmooresports.co.uk or visit their website johnmooresports.co.uk

Parents of Prior (POP) also hold regular second hand uniform sales at the College.
For more information please contact the Uniform Shop team at uniformshop@parentsofprior.uk

Our Uniform Policy gives details on College standards surrounding uniform.