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A carousel of different students completing activities from left to right: a food tech student, a girl playing the violin at a performance, a boy playing hockey, a drama production at the school theatre and a girl in the library reading a book.

At Prior Park College we believe that we can provide the level of support and encouragement to help scholars to develop their talents further and will ensure that a scholarship pupil has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


  • Academic Scholarships
  • Special Talent Scholarships: Visual Arts, D&T, Drama, Music, Sport

Applicants can apply for up to two Special Talent Scholarships but can only hold one - if an applicant is offered both, they must decide which scholarship would best suit their needs and aspirations.

Further details regarding each scholarship can be found in our Scholarships Booklet, downloadable from this page.

Students can hold an Academic Scholarship and one Special Talent Scholarship concurrently.

Scholarships will be reviewed throughout an award holder's time at the College and, whilst it is unusual for an award to be removed, a significant decline in commitment or behaviour by the student may result in the loss of the scholarship.

The continuation of the scholarship is also subject to a formal review:
Academic Scholarships will be reviewed at 16+
Special Talent Scholarships will be reviewed at 13+ and 16+

Scholarships relate to both potential and attainment and are up to the value of 10% of tuition fees for the first scholarship. Any additional scholarship award is in name only. Scholarships are awarded on merit and are independent of parental financial circumstances. Means tested Bursaries can be added to scholarships.


  • All scholarship applicants should be registered with the College and will have paid the registration fee. There is no additional fee for applying for a scholarship.
  • A relevant Scholarship Application From should be completed and received by the Admissions dept by the advertised closing date.
  • Additional supporting reports are also required and should be sent to the Admissions dept with the Scholarship Application Form.
  • The selection criteria for each scholarship is set out in our Scholarship Booklet.
  • Academic Scholarships will be based upon a very strong or promising performance in our entrance tests and interviews.
  • Applicants for Special Talent Scholarships must meet our normal academic entry requirements.
  • Suitable applicants will be invited to an Assessment Day at the College.

The Head's decision on all awards is final.

Download our Scholarship Booklet for further details.


Taster Day: 
Tuesday 15 October 2024 (Individual taster days can also be arranged)
Special Talent Scholarship Assessments: Monday 2  -Thursday 5 December 2024
HM interviews: Tuesday 14 & Wednesday 15 January 2025
Entrance Exams: Friday 17 January 2025
Closing date for registrations: Monday 25 November 2024

Taster Day: Contact Admissions to arrange
Special Talent Scholarship Assessments:
W/c 3 February 2025
Entrance and Academic Scholarship examinations: w/c 3 February 2025

Sixth Form Taster Day: Friday 11 October 2024
Interviews & Academic Scholarship Assessments: W/c 11 November 2024
Special Talent Scholarship Assessments: W/c 11 November 2024
Closing date for registrations: Monday 4 November 2024