Fees & Bursary Awards


The College fee includes full lunch and supervised prep for day pupils. The Boarding and Weekly Boarding fee includes all accommodation costs and tuition fees excluding those outlined in the College Fees document (download). Every effort is made to keep 'extras' to a minimum.

Our governing body understands that for many families, the affordability of fees is a significant challenge. They are mindful of this and each academic year actively looks at areas where Prior Park Schools can increase its efficiency and effectiveness without compromising the quality of its educational offering.

Bursary Awards

The Governors of the Prior Park Educational Trust are committed to broadening access to its schools by offering to eligible parents or guardians means-tested financial support with payment of school fees.

Further details are available from the Registrar, Mrs Vicki Quinn.
Tel: +44 (0)1225 831000, or Email: admissions@priorparkschools.com