Head of Department – Mr Tom Maxwell

Theology Teachers:
Ms Charlotte Cummins
Mrs Amy Colquhoun
Mrs Kerry Harris
Mrs Helen Goodman

Prior Park is a Catholic school which welcomes children whatever their personal faith background. The programme of study we teach reflects this diversity and is accessible to all. The course content reflects and expresses the beliefs and values of the Roman Catholic Church, aiming to have:

"Religiously literate young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills - appropriate to their age and capacity- to think spiritually, ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life"
Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools- Bishops’ Conference, 1996

Religious Education at Prior Park is a dynamic process, which concerns the development of the whole person - facilitating the process of becoming ’fully human’. Education centres on the freedom and dignity of the pupil; it is not about telling people what to believe. Education in the light of the Gospel involves challenge, departure, risk and growth.

Theology, Philosophy and Ethics at Prior Park aims:

  • To explore the spiritual and religious dimension to life, considering the basic questions of human existence.
  • To lead to a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings.
  • To challenge pupils to examine their own belief stance, to deepen faith commitment, to respect that of others.
  • To enable pupils to understand other religious traditions and to appreciate the significance of religion in peoples’ lives.
  • To allow space and time for searching and questioning.
  • To prepare pupils ultimately for living the Christian life, enabling then to assess society critically and to promote justice and peace.