Head of Department – Mr Christopher Gamble

Physics Teachers:
Mr Sean Dorey
Mrs Kate Ashby

Physics Technician:
Mrs Deborah Minghella

In Physics we try to understand the laws of nature. It's wonderful how Physics can be used to explain so much of the world around us. Having a knowledge of Physics means we can explain how an X-ray or MRI is used in a hospital, how a mobile phone works or exactly how we should kick a rugby ball to score from the greatest distance: the applications and relevance of Physics seem limitless.

Students enjoy their Physics lessons at Prior Park because much of what we do is based on experiments helping students develop a hands-on understanding of how things work. This, coupled with pupil presentations, class demonstrations, online resources and knowledgeable teachers allows pupils’ understanding and appreciation of Physics to rapidly develop. There are opportunities for pupils to use their knowledge constructing explanations, at an appropriate level, for surprising natural phenomena. In the sixth form, extension classes give the most able an excellent preparation for Oxbridge/university admission tests, interviews and applications.