Modern Languages

Head of Department – Mr Jack George

MFL Teachers: French, Spanish, Mandarin 
Mrs Anne Mallon
Mrs Rebecca Wilson-Brown
Ms Lydia Justine
Mr Elias Valdueza Garcia

Spanish Assistant: Mrs Lola Galache-Brown

Each of the MFL teachers has a passion for their languages and the countries, politics, history, architecture, geography, literature, film, art and music associated with them. They want to share that passion and knowledge with their students and thereby encourage them to become relaxed and happy about speaking languages in both their professional and social lives. At Prior Park students learn to value living and working in a global community, which in turn allows them to work towards being outward-looking and dynamic graduates with skills that are applicable to a variety of careers.

MFL lessons at Prior Park can be noisy! There is lots of variety and participation with high energy, speaking, listening and interactive activities. Resources are employed to stimulate conversation in the target languages and are always authentic and rewarding.

We are well-equipped and use a variety of innovative and technology aided language learning techniques to incite a
lifelong love of learning languages. We are committed to providing varied and meaningful opportunities for pupils to apply and further develop their language skills in real contexts such as trips, exchanges and work experience abroad.

Differentiated learning is accommodated by setting from Year 8 onwards and the provision of booster sessions for those in need of extra support. In the case of especially able pupils and/or those entered for IGCSE or AS/A2 early, extra classes and monitoring are provided by members of the department and the language assistants.

Watch a short video of our trip to Nice in March 2018...