Junior Science

Head of Department – Ms Rhiannon Lampard

Junior Science Teachers:
Mr Sean Dorey
Mrs Sue Forshaw
Mrs Marian Mudie

Junior Science technician:
Mrs Laura Michelsen-Cooney
Mrs Fiona Watson

Junior Science is taught in Years 7 & 8 as an exciting and engaging blend of the three Science disciplines. Because all aspects of science are taught by one teacher, students are quickly well known by their teachers and feel able to participate fully in class. Our curriculum allows students to make links between concepts and quickly develop confidence with practical and investigative skills. Lessons are very practical and our aim is to enthuse students about the study of science.

Our varied academic lessons are supplemented by a diverse selection of extra-curricular activities including trips to the Science Fair and Chemistry Festival at the University of Bath and workshops led by guest speakers.

The study of Science encourages students to develop an interested and enquiring mind whilst providing a student with the skills to test theories and explore concepts. In Junior Science students learn to become aware of the materials and processes around them and this fosters a desire to learn more. We link our curriculum to current scientific developments and thinking, including the impact of humans on the environment.

In our laboratories we create opportunities to question and explore ideas. We provide chances to test theories through practical investigations and research whilst developing understanding in a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe students learn best by making discoveries for themselves and by exploring an idea or concept in a variety of different ways – through investigations, analysing data, making and giving presentations, providing explanations to another student, playing games, making models, looking for improvements in existing ideas and unravelling problems.

Our Junior curriculum explores a wide range of topics by building on concepts learnt previously at KS2 and exploring new topics with a strong emphasis on scientific skills. This helps to create foundations and enthusiasm to take their scientific learning further. Within our curriculum we explore lots of big scientific ideas, for example -  Particle theory, Chemical reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Cells, Reproduction, Variation, Magnets, Electricity, Light and Sound.