Head of Department – Mr Simon Burt

Geography Teachers:
Ms Louise Blake
Ms Vicki McConaghie
Mrs Hannah Watson

Enjoyment of learning and the development of a sense of place are at the core of all the work that is done in the Geography Department. Our students learn how to read their environment and are frequently inspired by what they see; both in their home environment but also in places that they had previously never even thought of. We see the study of geography as providing a portal to strange and distant places; some of which may be distant in the traditional sense of the word whereas others may be hidden from our normal vision by their scale.

We encourage students to become independent learners and to become synoptic in their approach to life. As teachers, we are fully committed to accelerated learning through student participation. We employ a variety of learning styles and aim to engage with each student’s learning strengths during the course of the week. A few examples include: taboo; learning visual information in teams via team organisation; sharing findings and reflecting upon plans (maps from memory activity); Year 9 Sustainability performances – musical pieces, poems and middle class gangster rapping!; making animals activities.

Outside the classroom we are committed to fieldwork as a means of inspiring and learning. All students are encouraged to become landscape detectives and many carry on long after they have left school.