Head of Department – Mr Kent Chard

Chemistry Teachers:
Mr Rhodri Anderson
Mrs Sue Forshaw
Dr Graham Smith

Chemistry Technician:
Mrs Trudi Brimson

Chemistry is about why things are the way they are and how things work - even things as apparently simple as why copper sulphate is blue for instance! There is real beauty in knowing how things happen, and then being able to apply this knowledge to solve all sorts of problems or develop technologies. We want all our students to get this ‘fire’ for the subject and be inspired to take it further.

Students learn the skills and techniques of the scientist – that theories and hypotheses must be based on ideas and critically evidence. They learn how valid evidence is gained, through reliable experimentation and how this must be done fairly and without bias. They learn and developed practical skills, problems solving skills with mathematical manipulations. They learn to ask questions about the stuff around them and apply their knowledge and understanding to unfamiliar scenarios.

Our Chemistry Department is a reflective team, who constantly adapt, evolve and improve the way we deliver the subject. We strongly encourage our students to come to us with academic problems outside lessons and we work very hard to nurture an environment where students aren’t afraid to ask for help. In the labs we make a lot of use of data logging and recording technology – students work a great deal on describing, interpreting and evaluating experimental data. We also use videos and animations to help students visualise and bring the abstract to life.