Head of Department – Mr Matt Jones

Business Teachers:
Mrs Judith Eatwell
Mr John Fitzpatrick
Mrs Laura Stotesbury

Lord Sugar and his wannabe apprentices help the general public weekly to understand what makes a good entrepreneur. Many of his candidates can sell whilst others can pitch; some are good with numbers and others with people. The process of being successful in business is about more than just having a great idea. As Andy Warhol said “Good business is the best art”. 

Yet A-level business is not a get rich quick scheme - we would struggle to retain our teaching staff if it were. Instead it provides a broad overview of the processes that occur within a business. It follows the lifecycle of a business from start up to possible shut down and does so through up-to-date case studies of real world businesses in the local, national and global market place. Perhaps most importantly it analyses business decisions and practices from various view points; employee, owner, competitior, government, consumer. This allows students with a variety of long term goals to glean something of interest and use from what they learn.

Whilst films and articles can help us to understand what businesses do, we find our students learn most from our primary sources - visiting speakers and trips to industry. In 2015 we visited Morgan Cars and the Mini Factory and had guest speakers from a variety of industries. 2016 will bring more exciting trips and input from industry specialists, many with their own personal link to Prior Park College Economics and Business department.

External visits
Recent visits have included trips to the Millennium Stadium, Ford Factory, Bridgend South Wales, Cardiff Bay Dock Development Project, Herman Miller, Bath and the London Economics Conference led by Kenneth Clarke.

Trips to New York are offered on a fairly regular basis and include visits to the Federal Reserve, the Stock Exchange, Wall Street, the United Nations and an industrial visit to a Coca-Cola plant.