Head of Department – Dr Rob Trott

Biology teachers:
Mrs Marian Mudie
Mr Jamie Comber
Mrs Kate Trott

Biology Technician:
Mrs Fiona Watson

It is fascinating to understand more fully the beauty and complexity of the natural world; how amazing and complex the human body is; the fact that DNA holds the instructions to build pretty much all life forms; that we are the product of an unbroken evolutionary line stretching back some 3.6 billion years to a primordial slime.

At Prior Park College we are in the enviable position of being surrounded by biology from wild flower meadows, to streams, lakes and woodlands. The setting is amazing and with biology literally on our door step it is crying out to be studied.

Opportunities for students of Biology to extend themselves include: completing optional, extension work; opting for a biologically related EPQ at AS Level; attending ‘Med Soc’ or other biologically related lectures either held at the College or at Bath University; taking part in an international marine science expedition; taking part in competitions such as the Biology Olympiad and attending a DNA workshop at the @Bristol science centre.