A Level Programme

Visiting parents describe our Sixth Formers as quietly confident, articulate with an intense pride and loyalty for the school. They are rightly leaders of our student body and have a keen understanding of responsibility as role models for younger pupils. Sixth Formers are encouraged to learn independently but they are guided and supported by a strong Sixth Form team, their academic teachers and the House staff.

Prior Park has embraced the recent changes made at national level in 16+ education, and has taken the opportunity to enhance the Sixth Form programme to make it more comprehensive and bespoke to the individual aspirations and talents of pupils. The majority of pupils will now select three subjects to full A Level from a comprehensive and diverse range. These core A Levels are then supported by a fourth qualification which may include an AS Level, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or vocational course. The curriculum is flexible, and opportunities are there for pupils to build a timetable bespoke to their needs.

Pupils are prepared at an early stage for graduation to university, as well as alternative routes to careers and higher education. UCAS preparation is a particular strength of the school and annually results in pupils securing places at top universities including Oxbridge and Russell Group.

Oxbridge preparation is a high priority, with candidates:

  • Focusing on the 'Thinking Skills Assessment'
  • Undertaking extra classes
  • Being encouraged to undertake an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)
  • Being invited to join MUN (Model United Nations)
  • Undertaking Master Classes
  • Enrichment includes the General Studies lecture programme, community service projects, the Combined Cadet Force, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, participation in the Model United Nations and the Public Speaking and Debating programme.

The General Studies Programme has included lectures by Chris Lubbe, former Nelson Mandela body guard and tireless campaigner against Apartheid, Natasha Devon on Body Image and Dr Charlie Easmon who discussed Mental Health.