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Learning Development Programme

Enabling all students to access the curriculum and reach their potential

Each person is a unique individual and as such all may learn in a slightly different way to each other. We welcome applications from pupils with SEND and our key focus at Prior Park College is to enable pupils with specific learning needs to access the curriculum, aim high and achieve their potential at all key stages and in public examinations. We have an experienced and dedicated team working within the Learning Development Programme that works with SEND pupils and classroom teachers to build confidence and develop strategies enabling them to become independent learners.

We regard knowing the profile of pupils to be of prime importance and work with pupils, parents and specialists to ensure that support can be bespoke and targeted across the curriculum and in all areas of school life.  It is vital that all needs, requirements and specialist reports are disclosed to Admissions on application for consideration by the SENDCo and Headmaster.

It is our aim that LDP provides a positive and enjoyable experience for the pupils in its care. SEND pupils may study fewer subjects to enable them to have individual or small group lessons with an experienced and dedicated LDP teacher. Specific learning strategies may be delivered through games, puzzles, computer software and assistive technology.  Provision is also made for the development of speech and language, social skills, and motor skills. During these lessons some pre- teaching and reinforcement of topics, across all the curriculum, can take place.

Classroom teachers work closely with LDP staff to ensure lessons are suitably differentiated and the recommended individual strategies, as outlined on Student Support profiles, are implemented in the classroom.  

Places are allocated to pupils requiring additional support on a case-by-case basis. The needs of each pupil and the resources available at the time of application will be considered.

Prior Park College is committed to supporting each individual pupil and will work with pupils, parents and external specialists to ensure that they can provide the best education for each child who is accepted into the school.