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GCSE and A Level students reading and celebrating their exam results

Exam Results and Leavers Destinations

Prior Park is unapologetically not just an exam factory – our students leave with much more than just GCSEs and A Levels.

Prior is a selective school, but in a broader sense – our intake is made up not only from students who show great potential in the traditional academic subjects, but also from future artists, sports people, actors, musicians, and leaders.

Where Prior excels, is our ‘Value-Added’ score. Value-Added shows the progress students make as a result of the excellent teaching at Prior, and results can be compared to similar ability students in other schools.

GCSE & A Level Results 2023

We are extremely proud of the breadth of subjects our students go on to study after leaving Prior Park. Most of our students go on to study at university at their first choice institution, these include Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group Universities as well as a number of places at medical school.

Some students will consider the new modern apprenticeship schemes offered by professional service firms and other more vocational routes through tertiary education.

A few students will enter the workforce on leaving Prior Park, or pursue a focused training program, for example, flight school.

Please review the following documents for further information:

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