Teaching & Learning at Prior Park College

At Prior Park, we believe a child's school life should be an exciting and enjoyable journey towards a realisation of their full potential.

Students here work hard and make the most of the many outstanding opportunities available to them. Developing the ability to test and challenge assumptions is a vital skill. We encourage pupils to think for themselves, form opinions and communicate well. They respect other points of view but debate vigorously. Academic rigour is combined with creativity and cultural opportunities.

While we are justly proud of our A* and A students whose results are reflected in our outstanding A Level and GCSE results, along with our extraordinary EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) record, we are just as proud of our B and C grade students who are encouraged and supported by our teachers to believe in themselves, work hard and reach their full potential.

Creating Opportunities

Our staff are creative in their approach to teaching; employing new, proven techniques, understanding different learning styles and teaching in a broad way to meet individual needs. This dedicated, inspired team finds new ways to bring the curriculum to life and to make it relevant to today's students, so they can engage with the wider world from an informed perspective.

We are continually expanding our teaching styles and initiatives to reflect the learning styles of our student body, embracing new technologies and approaches which support our commitment to deliver a well-rounded education.

Nurturing Individual Talents

At Prior Park we are known for our exceptionally high standards. Our approach is simple; we value each individual and focus our attention on developing their unique talents.

Not only do we attract talented teachers to our school, but the individual talents of our students are positively encouraged and indulged. We want to nurture independent-minded, ambitious and confident individuals, who know they are valued.

'Excellent' Inspection Results

Prior Park College was rated ‘Excellent’ following the ISI inspection in September 2017. The new Educational Quality Inspections (EQI) report focuses on two main areas: the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements and the quality of pupils’ personal development. Further details can be read here

More Information

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