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Student playing trombone in Big Band concert on Mansion Portico

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A child's school life should be an exciting and enjoyable journey towards a realisation of their full potential.

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Latest News

End of Lessons Changeover, by our Artist in Residence, Rachel Wright. An exhibition of Rachel's paintings is due to take place in Academy Hall on Thursday 25 November, 6-8pm. Paintings are for sale, with proceeds being split equally between the artist and the College Transformational Bursaries Fund.

To read more about this and all our news stories, please click on the link below.


An Inspiring Location

Prior Park College overlooks the World Heritage City of Bath and is listed by the Oxford Royale Academy as one of the most beautiful boarding schools in the UK.

Boarding at Prior Park

St Mary's boarding students chatting in their common room

Set in fifty-seven acres with excellent on-site facilities, our Boarding Houses offer students an exceptional environment to study, play and live. 

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A Prior Parent

"Prior Park is a positive, caring environment, in beautiful surroundings, which has made my child happy and ready to learn."

A Prior Student

"The teachers really want us to improve every skill so we can perform to the best of our ability. 
You learn to be independent and you develop as a person."

A Prior Boarder

"As an international student, far from home, boarding at Prior has been the best thing. Everyone is so supportive and so friendly. The House staff and other boarders feel like family. Prior is, for sure, a home to me."