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At 13+ we strive to offer a curriculum that both prepares students for future study and their careers and ignites an intellectual curiosity in the world around them. We want students to go deeper into the subjects they have enjoyed before but also balance that with a breadth of education that makes them well rounded people.

Students may be introduced to subjects they have never studied before. It is our expectation that students will continue with their Modern and Classical language options from Form 3 (Year 8) however the Classics department will build in more Classical Civilisation to the curriculum providing a further opportunity to study Classical Literature, Art and Ancient History.

All students will study a creative subject with options including Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Product Design. Our track record in nurturing creativity in every sphere from Arkwright Scholarships to Festival Silverware illustrates that children are helped to excel wherever they have strengths.

We want our children to leave as competent compassionate citizens and so we have designed the Prior 4 Life programme which pulls together topics of study such as Political Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Careers, Relationships with others, Building and Serving a Community and Mental & Physical Health. This carousel of modules exposes children to more than just the academic knowledge and seeks, through the way it is taught, to encourage collaborative working, oracy and independent thought.

As part of Prior's commitment to a holistic education, there are many enrichment and co-curricular opportunities including House activities and performance and creative options. All students will enrol onto either the Duke of Edinburgh, CCF or a Sports Leader qualification gaining the opportunity to serve others alongside learning valuable skills of leadership, perseverance and time management.

Form 4 (Year 9) is the year that students will make decisions about their future study and GCSE subject options.

Our Admissions team can put new students in touch with the relevant teachers in order for them to help make any GCSE decisions. They can also arrange a taster day at the College prior to enrolment.