Baines House

Baines House is a happy place where friendships are made, challenges are set and successes are celebrated.

Baines House, with its Housemaster and team of tutors, looks after our 11-12 year old students (Lower 3). The House has its own dedicated area within the heart of the school, and offers a common room, changing and locker rooms, ICT, games facilities and an outdoor play area.

A key aim of Baines House is to smooth the transition from junior to senior school so students have the time to absorb all the facets of College life, including timetable, new subjects, new friends and Prep.

Mr Jonathan Healy is the Housemaster. His vision for Baines is one where all pupils feel at home and are able to grow emotionally, academically and spiritually within a safe and inclusive environment.

Mr Healy leads a team of tutors who each take responsibility for a group of approximately 15 students. They support and guide their pupils through the year, encouraging them to take ownership and responsibility for themselves, so they learn greater independence to help prepare them for the rest of their time at Prior.

In addition, the Baines House team run activities and events throughout the year that help foster teamwork, resilience, service and friendships. These include:

  • A residential trip to Skern Lodge in Devon, where students participate in activities from abseiling to surfing
  • House Music, a hotly contested competition where each tutor group performs a solo, group and House song
  • Fundraising, whether it's The Great Baines Bake Off or table tennis tournaments, the pupils think up a variety of ways to raise funds for charities
  • Debating Competition, debating topics from well-being to technology
  • Baines House Disco
  • Inter-House sports tournaments
  • Christmas ice-skating in Bath