A Typical Day

Written by Baines House pupils.

In Prior Park, we are a community, a family and a team.

A typical day starts at 8:30am when you go to tutor meetings or assembly, but Baines opens a bit earlier to give you time to sort out your bags, socialise with friends or play ping pong. During tutor time, students are registered and you also do arts and crafts, read or other fun activities. Tutor time lasts about 30 minutes.

After, you will go to your first two lessons, Period 1 and Period 2. Each lesson last 55 minutes. After Period 2 you will have your first break of the day, when you can relax in the common room, play games and buy tuck from Baines or the whole school tuck shop. 

Sometimes, after Period 3, you might have a free period and you can go for an early lunch at 12:30pm. Lunch is at 1:15pm on other days.

During the lunch break, you can attend a club, there are many, from cross country to junior Greek. In Baines, everyone is encouraged to do at least one club a week. Baines House also host some Inter-House Competitions that you can participate in, such as basketball or debating.

When the bell goes at the end of Period 6, you have reached the end of the academic day and you can go back to Baines House for toast, fruit or biscuits. At 4:45pm you go to prep or clubs or if it’s your early home (you are allowed up to two per week) you can go home. The school buses leave at 5pm on a Friday.

The College has a two-week timetable, rotating between Week A and Week B, to allow us to have a wide range of lessons.

On Saturday you can take part in clubs like sailing or archery but you don’t need to go to school on Saturday unless you have sports matches, which take place in the afternoon.