Boarding is at the heart of Prior Park College. It is the life of the school that goes on beyond lessons’ end and into the weekends. It is the energy that continues to pulse when lights go on in the evenings and Prep is begun. It is the fun that erupts when Prep is done. It is the calmness that prevails when lights go out. It is the vitality that cajoles the school back into life each morning.

Our most recent inspection of boarding gave Prior Park the highest praise across all 52 standards. A family atmosphere is present in each of the three boarding Houses. Each has its own identity, fostered by sporting and cultural competitions with other Houses.

The boarding Houses are small communities of 11 to 18 year olds. St Paul's is home to approximately 100 boys who are divided between Roche and Allen Houses, while St Mary's is home to approximately 60 girls. While the majority of our boarders are British, we welcome international students from a broad range of countries. Our dedicated staff work hard to create a home-from-home environment, with plenty of interesting activities, opportunities for fun and time to share with friends.

Many parents and children, enjoy the structure and stability that boarding offers, particularly when there are so many demands on the modern family and busy working parents. Approximately 160 boarders and weekly boarders live in the family atmosphere provided by the three boarding Houses.

A full weekend activity programme includes: cinema trips, sporting tournaments, school and house concerts, theme park outings, a carnival, ten-pin bowling, ice skating and Christmas shopping trips, amongst many other fun activities.

Weekly boarding is a very attractive option for an increasing number of families. This arrangement dispenses with the daily grind of commuting, while allowing family time at the weekends. It also helps generate many of the life lessons that full boarding does – fostering independence, tolerance and flexibility. Weekly boarders have their own reserved bed-space for up to 5 nights each week (Monday-Friday inclusive).

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