Sixth form

United Nations Sixth Form Conference: Can War End War?

We were delighted to be joined by students from St Gregory's, Royal High, Ralph Allen and Writhlington for this afternoon's United Nations Association Bath Sixth Form Conference.

The event began with a short Czech animated film from 1959 entitled 'Attention' which showed man and conflict through the ages, from cave man to nuclear bombs.

This was followed by a thought provoking presentation entitled 'Can War End War' from guest speaker, Symon Hill. Symon is a pacifist, activist and journalist who became co-ordinator of The Peace Pledge Union in 2016. The Union aims to promote peace building and non-violence and remembers all victims of war through the distribution of the white poppy.

Students were then able to discuss all aspects within their groups before reporting back with questions for Symon, which included:

-The difference between conflict, violence and war

-Is war/ the desire to fight really part of human nature?

- How should we respond to terrorist attacks?

- Can mutually assured destruction help keep world peace?

- Can the UN, EU and NATO play a genuine role in peacekeeping?

- What can be done about the conflict in Yemen?

- What will be effect of technology be on future conflicts?

The final reflection was that change is possible. We must fight for peace and believe it is a possible goal. People told the suffragettes not to bother to try and get the vote for women - they didn’t listen and kept fighting. We should do the same! Active peaceful protect can yield results.

Our thanks to the Bath and District Branch of the United Nations Association for facilitating this event.