Uni of Southern California's Entrepreneurship Workshop

Five of our L6 students were given the opportunity to attend a tech entrepreneurship day at the Google TechHub in the City of London.

The event was hosted by the University of Southern California, one of the leading tech entrepreneur learning centres in the world. Talks were given by three speakers who had all achieved remarkable feats: Professor Hao Li, who has developed a vast range of 3D motion capture software and been at the forefront of many familiar applications on our phones and in films; Riley Testut has invented games apps since the age of 13 amassing many millions of downloads already at the age of 19; Aimee Zhang who has already developed a creative board game that has been manufactured and distributed - she’s now in her second year at university.

The standout messages from these speakers were:
- Be prepared to fail
- Don’t let your creativity be stifled by the need for commercial success; follow your dreams and ‘purpose’ and the money will follow if that’s what’s important to you 
- No one is too young to be ‘super’ successful
- Question everything. There are problems everywhere, look for the solutions
- We can’t do everything alone, find the good people and harness their talents.

In the afternoon the students were tasked with developing an ‘Elevator Pitch’ for a Quit Smoking app. They were given ninety minutes as a team to research the product and come up with a pitch to the judges to encourage them to invest £750k in the business! In at the deep end, the students put together a really impressive presentation in what was an incredibly tight timescale. Unfortunately they were pipped to first prize, but they did both themselves and Prior Park proud.

The day was professionally run, and crucially kept all the students completely engaged from start to finish. It represented a major step out of everyone’s comfort zone but if nothing else, they will have all realised that enterprise is nothing to be feared, more an opportunity to be embraced. 

Enterprise Trip 4