Senior Enterprise Challenge Final

The final four teams met at lunchtime today to pitch their product to judges to decide the 2017 winner.

First up were 'Blue Giraffe' whose product idea was headphones for toddlers, that would either cancel or reduce noise to less than 85 decibels. It was a confident proposal and the judges particularly liked that some of the profit would go to child hearing charities.

'VersiTile' opened their pitch with a short video in which teachers were asked "What's your favourite toy" - they all responded "a box". Cue the VersiTile box, 'that grows as your child grows'. Aimed at children aged 2-5 years, the product's USP is it can be personalised as the child gets older. Some clever CAD images of the prototype enhanced their proposition.

'Scent to Sleep' tackled the problem of getting babies off to sleep so that parents can also enjoy a good night's sleep. Homeopathic essential oils, such as lavender, are trapped in bubbles within the fibres of pyjamas or bed linen, and this scent is activated on movement. The relaxing scent helps the child to get to sleep.

The final pitch was for the Zoobrush, a quirky toothbrush to help encourage toddlers to brush their teeth. The brush has multiple zoo animal heads and bodies so that the child can mix and match when assembling their toothbrush.

All four proposals were worthy finalists, however there can only be one winner and the judges awarded first prize to 'Scent to Sleep' from Team Burton/English. Congratulations!