Russian Culture Evening

Well done to our fabulous Russian students for their Russian Culture Evening last night, held in Allen House.

Opening, and setting the tone, Alexanderina, Kate and Sofiia danced the Kalinka, to much applause.

Vlad then spoke about (and debunked) some Russian stereotypes including: vodka, roads, 'comrade', winter, the KGB and 'babushka'.

Alexanderina recited Pushkin's 'To The Sea' before Tim talked about Soviet Life, which included student uniforms and "creepy toys". The girls then sang a beautiful traditional Russian song.

Artemy spoke about famous Russian art, from Victor Vasnetsov's 'Three Heroes' to Kazimir Malevich's 'Black Square', and Igor described Russian architecture, from St Petersburg's Hermitage to Moscow's Evolution Tower.

A little more kalinka ended proceedings and the audience were invited to sample some Russian snacks.

It was an insightful and entertaining evening. Thank you to all those that took part and to Dr Blackwell for his help with organising. The event charged an entrance fee and the students raised over £100 for the College charities.