Prospective MP Ben Howlett Attends F4 Politics Lesson

The Conservative prospective MP for Bath, Ben Howlett, attended an F4 Politics lesson this morning.

Mr Howlett has served as our local MP for the last two years and is seeking re-election of this marginal seat next month. He sees Politics as a vocation rather than a job and explained how the role is split between Parliament, where he also sits on the Women and Equalities Select Committee, and locally. He lives in Bath Thursday to Sunday when he holds a constituency surgery, engages in charity work, holds hustings, lobbies council and cuts ribbons at various event, "always make sure the scissors are sharp!" When asked which he preferred, Westminster or Bath, Mr Howlett said Bath.

Students then asked a variety of questions and harnessed his views on a wide range of subjects. On grammar schools - Ben is not in favour as "there is no evidence to suggest improved social mobility"; on the voting age - Ben believes that if you can pay tax at 16 you should be able to vote, so either lower the voting age or don't pay tax till aged 18; on housing - Ben wants to increase the number of elderly homes, he also sees housing as the biggest issue when asked about allowing refugees in to the UK. Brexit, of course, was also discussed at length. Ben voted to remain.

Our thanks to Mr Howlett for taking time out of a busy schedule to partake in an engaging Politics lesson.