Prior Park Prep School Announcement

The following announcement was made on 1 September by our Chair of Governors, Mr Michael King:

Dear Colleagues

The Governors and Leadership Team of Prior Park Schools (PPS) wish to advise you that Prior Park Prep School will operate under new ownership from 15 September 2017 when it joins Wishford Schools. Staff and parents at the Prep School have been informed today.

Wishford is a group of happy and high-achieving prep schools with an impressive record of supporting, developing and investing in schools. Prior Park Prep will benefit from the stability, security and expertise of being part of a group of prep schools. The PPS Board of Governors is confident that Prior Park Prep will thrive under the leadership of experienced and successful Wishford Headmaster, Guy Barrett, who transfers from Heywood Prep.

We have been aware of the excellent reputation of Wishford Group for some time. Wishford, which believes Prior Park Prep has all the attributes that will make a successful Wishford school, approached us to discuss the possibility of the Prep School joining their group. With the departure of Mark Pearce, and after much deliberation and analysis, the Board of Governors decided over the course of the summer term that it would be in the Prep School’s best interests for it to join Wishford.

Plans across the other Prior Park Schools remain unchanged. We will continue to provide excellent Catholic Christian education in Bath and Gibraltar, developing the talents of each boy and girl. We will develop Prior Park Schools as and when appropriate opportunities present themselves in the UK and overseas to ensure that our family of schools is secure and thriving.

Yours sincerely

Mr A M H King