PPC's Candidate for the Youth Parliament Elections

Daisy Alston-Horne (L6Ar) is Prior Park's candidate in the Youth Parliament elections which take place next week. She is running against five other candidates for the Bath & North East Somerset constituency. 

Candidates are not affiliated to any main political party, they run on their own manifesto which addresses both local and national issues. Included in Daisy's manifesto are:  

-Protecting LGBT people in our society; Daisy is particularly keen to eradicate homophobic slurs within schools. 
-Keeping young people off the streets. She believes strongly in 'changing the causes rather than dealing with the affects.' 
-Improving local bus services (and increasing the 'adult' fare from 16 to 18 years of age).
-Making politics more accessible for young people.

Daisy has always been interested in politics but does acknowledge that “many young people cannot see how it affects us.” Having grown up in South Africa, Daisy thought moving to "utopian" Bath would be idyllic and was shocked when she discovered the levels of poverty in the city. She is grateful to Mr Bartlett for registering the College in the UK Youth Parliament elections so she can participate.

Daisy will be campaigning at assembly tomorrow morning. She has also made a short video to go to the other participating schools so that she does not miss any College lessons and has enlisted friends from those Bath schools to campaign on her behalf.

Voting opens on 5 February and closes on the 9 February. The College ballot will be overseen by Mr Bartlett in Room 9 during lunch breaks. Details and the manifestos of each candidate are displayed outside this room. Young people aged 11-18 living or going to school (for a minimum of 12 hours a week) in Bath and North East Somerset are eligible to vote. The count and announcement will take place at 8pm on Friday 11 March.

Daisy is an impressive candidate and we wish her the very best of luck. Get voting!

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