PPC International Speaking Competition

The annual PPC International Speaking Competition was held in the theatre on Sunday afternoon. Our international students delivered short speeches to an audience of their peers. The event was compèred and judged by Head International Students Yuchen, Janice, Jang and Alex Zhang. Our thanks to them, as well as those members of staff who were able to attend. 

The juniors (L3-L5) impressed the judges with a wide range of topics including Global WarmingProtecting BeesFranck RiberyAre Romantic Relationships in School a Good Idea? and many more. 

First prize went to Santi Ramos & Vincent, who delivered a well researched and well rehearsed presentation on The Naming of Bath
Second prize: Nerea & Ana (Mexican Stereotypes)
Third prize: Maria (Social Media)

The topics chosen by the seniors (U5-6F) included Internet DangersArtificial IntelligenceA Tour of Hong KongElectric EelsThe Stages of Sleep, and How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

First Prize went to Lenny, whose proudly otaku (geek) talk about the animé JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was passionately delivered and hilariously tongue-in-cheek. He really was a joy to watch. 
Second prize: Laura  (It’s OK to be Different)
Third prize: Andy (Urbanisation)