Parliament and the Supreme Court

On Thursday, a group of thirty Prior Park Politics students made the trip to Westminster to visit Parliament and the Supreme Court to learn more about the heart of Britain's democratic institutions. 

They were treated to a thoroughly engaging tour of the Sovereign's Entrance, the House of Lords, the Central Lobby and Westminster Hall, discovering key ideas about how the legislative branch of government operates in the modern world. The energetic guides were keen to make the purpose of Parliament clear - a place for the people's servants to take action in the public interest.

Crossing over Parliament Square in the afternoon, the students were treated to a series of intriguing legal conundrums at the UK Supreme Court. Sitting in the chairs used by the members of the highest court of appeal in the land, they discussed questions revolving around discrimination, human rights and the proper relationship between students and their uniform.

It was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day and has energised the students' for the forthcoming Parliament Week.